Leadership Team Continues to Grow

Leadership Team Continues to Grow

Elizabeth (Beth) McCaffery

LEARN named Elizabeth (Beth) McCaffery as Human Resources Director. Please join us in welcoming her to this role.  

About the Role:

The Director of Human Resources oversees personnel management, compliance, and talent development within the LEARN agency. With the goal of contributing to the long-term success, growth, and sustainability of the organization, as Director of HR, Ms. McCaffery will manage and develop the agency’s human capital, ensuring the workforce is aligned with LEARN’s mission framework, vision, and goals.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Manages all personnel and workforce activities.
  • Formulates or suggests salary ranges, offers, compensation adjustments, and monitors salary reports for equity or other issues.
  • Offers expert guidance and counsel to supervisors, faculty, administration, and managers across the entire range of employee relations and organizational matters. 
  • Monitors the accounting system and oversees the development of personnel reports in accordance with state and federal requirements.

About Elizabeth McCaffery:

Ms. McCaffery’s journey at LEARN began years ago when she served as a program coordinator facilitating data teams, creating content-specific training, and fostering collaborations with inter-agency partners to enhance the quality of instructional services and elevate student learning. Over the course of her career, she extended her expertise to work with one of LEARN’s sister regional educational service centers and subsequently with one of LEARN’s member school districts.

Known for her capacity to set and attain goals, conduct thorough research, synthesize information, assess situations, and leverage data-driven decision making, Ms. McCaffery played a pivotal role in leading the human resource division of one of LEARN’s urban member school districts. During her tenure in that district, she gained a reputation for approaching challenges with a solution-oriented mindset and upholding strong ethical standards in her decision-making processes.

Ms. McCaffery’s professional journey ultimately brought her back to LEARN, where she initially rejoined our Office of Teaching & Learning and now assumes the role of leading our Human Resources office. We are happy to have Ms. McCaffery back to help us navigate the future of LEARN.


Amy LeQuire

LEARN is also pleased to introduce Amy LeQuire as our Director of Behavioral Programs & Services. With a proven record of excellence and a commitment to supporting students with diverse needs, Ms. LeQuire brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her new position.

About the Role:

In Ms. LeQuire’s capacity as Director of Behavioral Programs & Services, she holds the pivotal role of spearheading the creation and execution of behavioral programs and services within LEARN schools and programs, as well as with member school districts.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate in shaping the vision for programming and services within LEARN schools and programs.
  • Strategically plan, execute, oversee, and assess behavioral programs and services.
  • Supervise and conduct evaluations of staff members within the LEARN Student Support Services team.
  • Deliver direct instruction, training, and support to programs and schools.
  • Develop individualized student programs and associated data structures.

About Amy LeQuire:

Ms. LeQuire has a distinguished background in LEARN’s Office of Student Support Services. Her commitment and passion for making a positive impact on the lives of students is unmatched. In her recent roles, here at LEARN, Ms. LeQuire has garnered the respect of her colleagues, families, and students, as well as both internal and external customers. Her educational journey includes a Master of Science in Elementary Education from the University of New Haven, a Master of Science in Behavior Analysis from the University of North Texas, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Eastern Connecticut State University.

We are confident that Ms. LeQuire’s dedication to student success and her commitment to innovation will continue to contribute to LEARN’s mission of providing exceptional educational opportunities to all students. Please join us in welcoming Amy LeQuire to her new role as Director of Behavioral Programs & Services.  


Kelly Jean McNamara

LEARN is happy to introduce Kelly Jean McNamara as our newly appointed Interim Special Education Supervisor. With an extensive background in School Psychology and a career spanning decades dedicated to assisting students within public school settings, Ms. McNamara brings an invaluable wealth of knowledge and expertise to our leadership team.

About the Role:

In her role as Interim Special Education Supervisor, Ms. McNamara assumes the responsibility of being an integral member of the Office of Student Support Services. Her primary duties are related to enhancing student achievement through the provision of high-quality instruction and services. This includes offering valuable resources, coaching, technical support, and evaluation of personnel and programs. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the implementation and management of programs and curricular resources, while actively assessing the effectiveness of these programs for students with special needs.
  • Conduct observations, consultations, and evaluation of special education teachers, support staff, and related services providers.
  • Ensure ongoing monitoring of curriculum, materials, and methodologies to align with Individualized Education Programs, Connecticut State Department of Education standards, and Special Education mandates.
  • Offer specialized expertise and support in designated related services.

About Kelly Jean McNamara:

Ms. McNamara has demonstrated a deep commitment to developing and recommending special education policies and practices consistent with state and federal laws. Her experience working with administrators, teachers, and specialists to establish complete programs of special education services has been successful in area member districts. She holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Connecticut and a Certificate in School Administration from Sacred Heart University. She has a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study, a Master of Arts in School Psychology, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Tufts University.  

We are delighted to have Ms. McNamara join LEARN’s Leadership Team and look forward to the positive impact she will undoubtedly have on our Office of Student Support Services. Please join us in extending a warm congratulations to Kelly Jean McNamara.