Our Programs

Developmental Disabilities Programming
LEARN's multidisciplinary team creates comprehensive, customized learning opportunities to support and enhance the educational experiences of individuals with complex needs. Our team fosters their growth, independence, and overall wellbeing. The program serves students ages 3-21 (22). To support each learner, the team uses a variety of approaches, including the principals of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and evidence-based teaching practices to build toward long-term life goals. 

SSS teacher with students in classroom

Diagnostic Services Placements
LEARN's diagnostic team of professionals work to identify the specific learning needs, disabilities, or developmental areas that may be affecting a student's performance or overall educational experience. Our team consists of experts from a variety of fields, including psychiatry; psychology; nursing; special education; speech and language pathology; and occupational and physical therapy. The team provides school districts with a comprehensive plan to determine a student's least restrictive environment. 

SSS student working on assignment

Social-Emotional Behavioral Disabilities Programs
LEARN's Student Support Services programs incorporate customized learning opportunities, social and behavioral support, and therapeutic elements focused on positive relationships linking back to family and community. This creates the context for students to build the skills needed to be resilient community members who practice self-care and empathy and who can establish relationships both in and out of school. LEARN's staff understand that social-emotional well-being is essential for academic success and overall personal growth. Our programs are designed to empower students to thrive in both academic and social environments. 

SSS student playing sports outside

Secondary Transition Programming
LEARN's team of specializes educators work to empower students with significant disabilities to transition successfully into adulthood. Through a customized, person-centered, and collaborative approach, our team works closely with students, families, schools, and community partners to ensure a comprehensive and tailored transition plan that promotes independence, employment, and meaningful engagement in the community.

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