LEARN students and teacher
is southeastern Connecticut's Regional Educational Service Center.

As a Regional Educational Service Center, we

  • pursue equitable and just systems of education,
  • build the skills and knowledge of the educational community, and
  • design innovative, efficient, and effective programs, services, and solutions.

We are committed to forging a better future for each learner.

To ensure that every child has access to high-quality public education and opportunities through equitable systems of education, support, and service.

To provide exemplary, innovative, and equitable school-based programs that advance achievement for each student and nurtures their cognitive, physical, and emotional well-being in safe, respectful, rigorous, and diverse learning communities.

To provide expertise, leadership, and innovative programs and services that build regional capacities and supports to create equity in education and positive outcomes for each students.

To provide cost-effective, customized organizational and operational services for our member districts, so they can maximize their resources and efforts to provide equitable access and outcomes for each student.


Innovate Optimize Potential
Identify, develop, and deliver innovative and customized service, programs, and tools that meet our members’ needs.

Collaborate Enhance the Quality of Learning
Cultivate collaborative partnerships, strategic alliances, and relationships to promote regional efficiencies.

Meet Member Needs
Listen and respond to our stakeholders with respect and responsibility and provide high-quality services.

Student Success, Relationships, Service, Diversity, Communication, Integrity, Innovation, Creativity

Mission framework in graphic form

LEARN is a Regional Educational Service Center (RESC), serving 25 towns, 24 school districts, and 21 superintendents in southeastern Connecticut. Established in 1967 by local districts, LEARN is one of the six RESCs in the state. The purpose of each RESC is to enhance the quality of education and provide solutions to identified needs through a wide range of programs and services.

LEARN currently serves twenty-five towns and communities with a student population of nearly 53,000. Through its leadership and resources and by working with schools, students, families, and other community agencies, LEARN promotes regional and statewide cooperation and provides a framework for districts to achieve their goals.

LEARN is a public, educational agency governed by a Board of Directors comprised of one elected board of education member from each district. The source of funding is local districts, state contracts and grants, federal grants, and private foundations.

If you have a question regarding LEARN or would simply like further information, please send an e-mail to [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

View the LEARN Annual Report for highlights of accomplishments throughout 2022-2023.