Business Supports

Accounts Payable & Receivable
Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable are two fundamental components of an organization's financial management system. LEARN's Business staff are available to help you maintain a healthy financial operation by tracking the flow of money into and out of your organization.

Audit Preparation
Audit Preparation is the process of getting ready for an audit, a systemic examination of your organization's financial records. Proper audit preparation can help ensure a smooth and successful audit process. LEARN's Business staff, with expertise in educational business, work with you to organize your financial documentation; review previous audit reports; understand applicable auditing standards; perform internal pre-audits; prepare personnel for audit visits; perform reconciliations; and verify compliance.

Audit Finding Remediation
The Audit Finding Remediation process should be a structured approach to address and resolve any issues identified during your audit. LEARN's Business staff are available to organize and facilitate this process for you, which includes review of your audit report; issue identification; root cause analysis; remediation planning; implementation of the remediation plan; and monitoring and tracking of remediation efforts. Our staff work in partnership with you to improve the overall risk management and compliance posture of your organization. 

Bank Reconciliations
Bank Reconciliation processes ensure the accuracy and consistency of your organization's financial records and account statements. These processes are important components of your organization's internal controls. LEARN's Business staff gather information from your internal records; compare deposits and receipts; match withdrawals and payments; check for outstanding items; and reconcile the ending balance. Our staff work on your behalf to maintain accurate financial records and help safeguard the financial integrity of your organization. 

Budgeting is a crucial financial planning and management process that involves creating a detailed plan for revenues and expenditures. The primary purpose of budgeting is to allocate resources effectively, set financial goals. LEARN's Business staff help you use your budgeting process as a tool for financial success, stability, and future planning. Our staff ,monitor expenditures, provide accurate forecasting, and prepare reports for your Board or other governing body. 
LEARN Business staff member at desk
Coaching/Mentoring is a process of professional development in which a LEARN Business staff person, with expertise in educational business, works with an individual or group of individuals to continuously improve an organization's internal processes, procedures, and policies. 

Documentation of Policies & Procedures
LEARN has over 160 policies and procedures that are part of our system of internal controls. These policies and procedures help to onboard and cross-train staff. LEARN's Business staff help identify your policies and procedures, as well as help document those in standardized formats across your key processes. 

Education Financial System (EFS) Reporting
The EFS is a mandatory State of Connecticut report of all school expenditures. LEARN's Business staff assist with your EFS reporting by standardizing your own processes, training staff, or managing your reporting temporarily. 

Financial Reporting
LEARN's Business staff are available to help identify key requires reports necessary to capture budgeted and actual expenditures, projections, and year-over-year comparisons. Our staff work with you to develop reports into meaningful documents for your Board or other governing body.

Food Service Operations
The main goal of Food Service Operations is to promote healthy eating habits, support students' academic performance, and ensure that students have access to proper nutrition during the school day. Through interdistrict contracts, LEARN's Business staff facilitate the provision of meals, using LEARN's food service provider. 
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Grant Accounting
Grant Accounting refers to the process of managing and tracking financial transactions and reporting related to grants received by an organization. LEARN's Business staff are available to help you develop a detailed budget prior to applying for a specific grant; establish accounting records once the grant is awarded; track expenditures relate to the grant; allocate costs when appropriate; ensure financial and reporting compliance; report on the grant; and close the grant. Our staff help maintain a clear financial trail, ensure regulations are met, and foster transparency in the use of grant funds. 

MUNIS Expertise
LEARN's Business staff are trained in Tyler Technologies' Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software known as MUNIS. MUNIS is a comprehensive financial management system designed specifically for public sector organizations. As trained professionals, our staff support you in a range of MUNIS modules and tools to streamline financial processes, enhance operational efficiency, and improve overall financial management. 
Payroll is a critical function within organizations that involves the process of calculating and managing employee compensation for the work they perform. Timekeeping and attendance; calculating gross pay; deductions; net pay calculations; payroll taxes; payroll records; payroll compliance; and reporting are all key components. LEARN's Business staff provide accurate and timely payroll processing to maintain employee satisfaction, comply with legal requirements, and ensure smooth financial operations with an organization. 

Request for Proposals (RFP)
A Request for Proposal process is a formal procedure used by organizations to solicit proposals from vendors or service providers for specific projects, products, or services. LEARN's Business staff identify project needs; create the RFP document; publish and disseminate the RFO; host the pre-proposal conference; evaluate received proposals; help select a vendor; and execute a contract. Our experienced staff ensure your district policies are followed and state requirements are embedded into each step of the process.