Catalog of Services




Archiving is the systemic process of collecting, organizing, preserving, and storing records, documents, data, or other valuable information for long-term retention and future reference. The objective of archiving is to ensure that important information remains accessible, secure, and usable over an extended period. LEARN’s IT staff can help you implement robust archiving practices to safeguard data, support business continuity, and retain a historical record of activity.

Break Fix

Break Fix is a term used to describe a service model where IT professionals, in this case LEARN’s IT staff, fix specific issues or problems within an organization’s technology structure. In our model, one of LEARN’s IT staff members is nested within your organization, available on-demand whenever a problem arises. This partnership between LEARN and our customer provides the customer with immediate IT solutions.


IT Compliance refers to an organization’s adherence to relevant laws, regulations, industry standards, and internal policies concerning the management, security, and privacy of information technology systems and data. LEARN’s IT staff will provide organizations with a proactive and holistic approach to safeguard their IT infrastructure, data, and reputation.

Cyber Training & Tools

Critical components of cybersecurity measures, Cyber Training and Tools are aimed at protecting computer systems, networks, and data from cyber threats and attacks. Cyber training refers to educational programs and initiatives designed to enhance individuals’ knowledge and skills related to cybersecurity. Cybersecurity tools are software and hardware solutions that help detect, prevent, and respond to cyber threats. LEARN’s IT staff will recommend and design training appropriate for your needs, as well as recommend and maintain tools to safeguard your organization.

Data Backups & Data Migration

Data Backups refer to the process of creating copies of important digital data and storing them in a secure location to ensure data recovery in case of data loss, system failures, or cyber-attacks. Data Migration refers to the process of moving data from one storage location or system to another. LEARN’s IT staff can properly execute backups and migration so an organization’s data integrity remains intact and data management practices are efficient.

Google Workspace Support

Google Workspace Support is available from our LEARN IT staff and is in place to assist an organization with technical and administrative issues related to Google Workspace.

Firewall Management

Firewall Management is the configuring, monitoring, and maintaining of firewalls to protect a computer network from unauthorized access, cyber threats, and security breaches. LEARN’s IT staff will configure your firewalls; maintain and update firewall rules; monitor; patch; and document with continuous vigilance, providing protection for an organization’s network and data.

Information Security

Information Security is the practice of protecting sensitive information, data, and systems. LEARN’s IT staff will attend to your information assets; confidentiality, integrity and availability; threats and vulnerabilities; risk management; security controls; compliance and regulations; and continuous improvement.

Network Design

A well-designed network is a critical foundation for organizations, enabling seamless communication, efficient data sharing, and access to resources. LEARN’s IT staff will plan and create a structured, efficient, and secure network that enables the flow of data, communication, and resources.

Network Management

LEARN’s IT staff are available to administer your network to ensure its efficient operation, optimal performance, security, and reliability. Using activities, tools, and protocols aimed at monitoring, configuring, troubleshooting, and maintaining, LEARN staff will proactively address network issues, minimize downtime, and ensure the network meets the organization’s requirements.

Network Security

Network Security is a critical aspect of information security that focuses on protecting computer networks, devices, and data. LEARN’s IT staff will ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of network resources and information, guarding against various forms of cyberattacks.

PowerSchool Training & Reports

PowerSchool Training and Reporting are two essential components of the PowerSchool education technology platform. The two components work together to empower educational institutions with the tools and insights necessary to foster student success, streamline administrative processes, and enhance the overall educational experience. LEARN’s PowerSchool staff has years of training from PowerSchool University and stands ready to support new and veteran staff to optimize the tool.




IT Procurement is the process of acquiring information technology hardware, software, services, and solutions to meet the technological needs of an organization. LEARN’s IT staff will develop a strategic approach to selecting vendors, negotiating contracts, and purchasing IT resources that align with an organization’s IT strategy and objectives.

Server Management

Server Management is the process of overseeing and maintaining the operation, performance, security, and availability of computer servers. LEARN’s IT staff offers effective server management that ensures servers run smoothly, efficiently, and securely.