Thank You RMMS Volunteer, Papa

Thank You RMMS Volunteer, Papa

In the halls of RMMS, where echoes of laughter and the hum of excitement intertwine, there stands a beacon of joy, wisdom, and unwavering support - Papa, whose real name is Raymond Hodges, aka Coach Ray. For nearly two decades, he has been the heart and soul of RMMS, a testament to the power of kindness and genuine care.

Papa's journey with RMMS began when his granddaughter entered kindergarten, and although her time at the school came to an end, Papa's commitment did not waver. He continued to grace classrooms with his presence, volunteering tirelessly. When we think of Papa, we envision a figure exuding kindness, wisdom, and eternal happiness - a person whose infectious smile and warm embrace are as familiar as the morning sun.

His support at RMMS is immeasurable. Papa doesn't merely abide by the role of a volunteer; he elevates it to a profound level of mentorship. He helps students not only meet but exceed class and school expectations. His ability to forge enduring relationships with students is remarkable, with some connections spanning over two decades. Alumni still reach out to him, a testament to the lasting impact he leaves on every life he touches.

Papa's commitment goes beyond the classroom; he has been on more field trips than many teachers in the RMMS building, always ready to assist with the biggest challenges. His day starts around 7 in the morning, setting the stage for learning by preparing classrooms, distributing pencils, arranging desks, and ensuring everything is in order. Papa doesn't just support academically; he engages in students' lives by playing basketball, participating in events like the Multicultural Dance Festival, and embodying the spirit of RMMS.

Papa's presence is a constant reminder of his faith in our students and the school. His favorite sayings, such as "Hold the door for a friend. I am your friend." and "I'm living the dream," echo his positive outlook on life, encouraging everyone around him to cherish every moment.

The impact Papa has had on the lives of RMMS alumni is best captured by Alicia Labrecque, who fondly remembers "his infectious joy, patience, and encouragement". Alicia went on to say, "Having him in class with us was an awesome experience and I am thankful I got to spend time with such an amazing man." Papa's ability to make every student feel valued and important transcends the ordinary volunteer role, turning it into an extraordinary legacy.

Papa, you are the embodiment of living the dream. Your dedication, warmth, and unwavering support have left an indelible mark on RMMS. On behalf of all students, past and present, we express our deepest gratitude. Your presence has made every day at RMMS a day worth living.