Administrative Operations

Administrative Operations

LEARN's Administrative Operations Hub is a comprehensive service offered by our regional educational service center. We recognize the unique administrative needs of educational organizations and provide and tailored support to those within our region. LEARN's team is committed to ensuring the smooth operation of administrative functions to allow your team to focus on delivering high-quality program and services to students.

Communications & Marketing

Communications & Marketing services encompass a wide range of activities aimed at promoting your organization, a product, or a service and effectively communicating with target audiences. Communications & Marketing is crucial so that organizations can connect with those they serve, build awareness about the organization, and maintain a positive reputation. LEARN's Communications staff are available to create and manage advertising; create and distribute press releases; organize events; build infographics, brochures, and sell sheets; create and execute social media strategies; review and make recommendations on an organization's website; and set up your brand identity.


Facilitation is a process of guiding and managing group interactions to achieve specific goals or outcomes effectively. LEARN's staff are neutral, trained individuals who help groups of people work collaboratively, and encourage open communication, active participation, and constructive problem solving. Our staff ensure that groups stay on track, maintain a positive and inclusive atmosphere, and reach consensus or a desired outcome. 

Grant Writing
Grant Writing is the process of preparing and presenting a formal proposal to request funding from a grant-making organization. LEARN's staff research grant opportunities and in collaboration with key stakeholders plan a project and develop the project proposal; craft a compelling narrative; create a detailed budget; ensure application requirements are met; collect data; and plan for the project evaluation. 

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Project Management

Project Management is the process of planning, organizing, executing, and evaluating the resources, tasks, and activities required to achieve specific objectives within a defined timeframe and budget. LEARN's staff take a systematic approach to ensure that projects are completed efficiently, effectively, and successfully. 

Stakeholder Survey Development
Stakeholder Survey Development is the process of creating a structured and well-designed survey to gather feedback, opinions, and input from various stakeholders involved in or affected by a particular project, program, or organization. LEARN's staff help organizations identify the purpose of a survey; define the target audience; set the objectives and research questions; choose a survey methodology; design and distribute the survey; and analyze and interpret the data.  

Strategic Planning Facilitation
Strategic Planning Facilitation is a specialized form of facilitation focused on guiding organizations through the process of developing a strategic plan. The process involves defining an organization's vision, mission, goals, and objectives, as well as determining the actions and resources needed to achieve them. LEARN's staff play a key role in helping leaders and stakeholders collaboratively navigate the planning process and create a clear, actionable, and future-oriented strategy. 

Website Review
LEARN's staff assess and evaluate an organization's website design, functionality, content, and overall user experience. The goal of the Website Review is to provide constructive feedback to help an organization enhance their online presence and increase user satisfaction.