Our Services

Networks, Collaboratives, & Roundtables
LEARN's Networks, Collaboratives, and Roundtables provide forums for educators to discuss best practices, emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities. Participants share experiences and LEARN staff provide current early childhood and student support services information, as well as information from the Connecticut State Department of Education. 

Professional Learning Experiences
LEARN's Student Support Services staff, with experience in highly specialized fields, co-develop targeted, customized learning opportunities with school district staff. The overall goal is to support schools and educators in continuous learning, leading to improved student outcomes.

School & Program Reviews
LEARN's Student Support Services staff collaborate with school district staff to provide an unbiased, objective analysis of current  practices and systems to create a plan for continuous improvement. The review captures both general education and special education practices that are coupled with data to form recommendations for continued growth. The process is highly customized. It focuses on essential questions and is co-designed to meet the school district's goals. 

Related Services and Behavioral Consultation & Coaching
LEARN's specialized staff have a breadth of expertise to support programming and needs within a school setting. Supports can be embedded staff members, ongoing regular consultation, program development, or responding to specific individual student needs. The consultation is built based on mutual goal setting to meet the school district's needs. 

Special Education Consultation & Coaching
LEARN's Student Support Services staff customize learning experiences to meet a program's needs. The overall goal of this service is to provide on-site training and coaching that continuously improves programs and leads to improved student outcomes.

Specialized Evaluations
LEARN's Student Support Services staff use a culturally responsive frame to identify specific learning difficulties, disabilities, second language acquisition, or developmental issues that be affecting a student's academic performance and overall educational experience. Our team typically consists of experts from various fields and includes psychiatrists; psychologists; special educators; speech and language pathologists; occupational therapists; multilingual experts; and educational diagnosticians. The team conducts assessments and evaluations of student, develops individualized education plans, and makes recommendations for interventions. Recommendations are designed to promote effective learning and enhance overall educational outcomes. 

Trauma Informed Care Training Programs
's Trauma Informed Care Training Programs focus on understanding and addressing trauma within educational settings. Our programs aim to effectively equip educators, administrators, and school staff to support students who have experienced trauma. Key components covered include understanding childhood trauma; trauma-informed school practices; recognizing trauma signs and triggers; trauma sensitive classroom strategies; building resilience; self-care for educators; policy; and systemic change.

LEARN's nursing staff offer supervision, consultation, and professional learning to create systems that lead to continuous well-being for students. 

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