Marine Science Magnet High School

130 Shennecossett Road, Groton, CT 06340

The Marine Science Magnet High School (MSMHS) is a grade 9 through grade 12 high school with a marine science theme. Through participation in LEARN's Magnet Schools Assistance Program grant, MSMHS took steps to expand that theme to better help students see a future for themselves in the field. Theme expansion included policy and advocacy, field work and research, and industry and technology. MSMHS created individualized pathways of learning to help students explore their passions and to expose students to a variety of college and career opportunities. U.S> News and World Report ranked MSMHS as the #4 high school in the state. 

MSMHS student smiling while working with aquariumMSMHS teacher teaching boating class with simulatorStudents around round table with teacher on computersMSMHS students during fencing practice

MSMHS demographics including how many students

"LEARN magnet schools taught me about the importance of acceptance and the value of being around those who are different from me."
-MSMHS student
Students working together around round table

"I am ready for my college career after MSMHS helped me learn to approach things with an open mind and to pursue my passions."
- MSMHS student
Students on row team out on the river